Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Brave New Blog and Introductions

Hi. My name is Gerda and after surfing the net for hours and hours I decided to create a crafts blog of my own. Other people just seemed to be having so much fun and I didn't want to miss out on that. This was already a couple of weeks ago, but now I decided to actually start typing.

I thought I'd start by saying a couple of words about myself. I studied English and got my BA last spring and now I'm in the MA program. However, I decided to drop that - it was just toooo dry - and am now in the process of dropping out of school - and this gives me a lot of free time (so why not use it to start a blog, right?). In July, I'm going to enroll in the Tartu Healthcare College to study 4,5 years to become a midwife. So there's a change of course for you - hence the title for this blog.

I've been making jewelry for about 2,5 years for now. I don't really have a favourite medium (if you don't count beads as such, heh), but I love to learn new techniques and try different things. I've tried the basics such as wire work, polymer clay, beading, etc. I guess I just work in phases. For example, in January, after my last exam period at uni, I sat on my table for five days straight and created these little Estonian ethnic pendants from Fimo. (Oh yeah, did I mention that I'm Estonian?) I sometimes make other stuff, besides jewelry, as well. Buttons, for example. And last year, after seeing how expensive they are in shops, I made a jewelry box for my mum for Mother's Day. But yeah, this blog will probably be mainly about jewelry. And since tomorrow's Mother's Day again, you can have a peek of the earrings I made her this year: 

Bronze-coloured details and semi-precious chips (not exactly sure, what).
You like?

Other things I like include TV-shows, books, cats and nature in general. 

I think that's enough for my first post on this blog. I was working in the garden all day and I'm tired. Tomorrow (or on another day quite soon), I'll tell you about Leah's History Hop that I signed up for :) (Look at the button, look, look!)

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