Saturday 1 June 2013

History Hop - REVEAL

I participated in Leah Curtis's history themed blog hop where the participants got to choose from a list of historical periods or cultures and create jewelry inspired by that. My theme was English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry. Though I had a lot of ideas going on around my head when I picked it out, I only managed to create two pieces - a pair of earrings and a necklace. 

First the earrings. I had a bit of trouble with them at first, but after some useful advice from my mum I got them to work.

Czech faceted glass beads and Japanese Toho seed beads.

They're really not that large, my hands are just super small.
And the necklace. 

I wasn't sure at first if the greyish tones would go with white, but I think they work fine.
The piece started revolving around this vintage metal button with rhinestones that
my mum found in one of her drawers.

I made the focal by embroidering some of the grey faceted beads around it. 

For the additional pieces I sewed beads onto grey filigree discs.
This was my first such challenge and I had a lot of fun making these pieces. Here is the list of all the other participants, so go make yourself a cuppa and enjoy the show. I know I will :)

Leah Curtis - Indus Valley -
Laney Mead - Māori -
Becca - Art Nouveau -
Melissa - English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry -
Tracy Stillman - Native American -
Liz E - Native North American -
Ahowin - Māori (New Zealand)  - 
Jasvanti - Indus Valley -
Lizzie - Art Nouveau -
Julia Hay - Merovingian -
Dini - Celtic -
Caroline - Art Nouveau - 
Charlie - Moche of Peru -
Karin - China -
Niky Sayers - Rome -
Marcia Dunne - Celctic and Mourning Jewelry -
anafiassa - Mesopotamia -
Kokopelli - Native American -
Christa - Native American -
Clair - Roman -
Susan Bowie - Native American -
Gloria Allen - English Romanticism -
Sheila Garrett - Early Russia - 


  1. Another history hop newbie? Glad I'm not alone. It was funn wasn't it. Your jewellery set looks great.I love how you have added the beads to the filigree. Wish my mum had drawers with buttons like that!

    1. It really was a lot of fun, I can't wait until the next one.

  2. Just gorgeous! I love the earrings most, but the filigree and button on the necklace are beautiful, too. Thank you so much for joining the hop!

    1. Thank you for hosting such an awesome event. I'm looking forward to the next one :)

  3. Ooo I LOVE those earrings! Far too pretty to be only worn in mourning!
    Great stuff :-)

  4. Wonderful designs! I think the earrings are my favourites too x

  5. Gorgeous designs....I'd wear those earrings all the time, very elegant!

  6. Graceful and beautiful period details

  7. I really like your earrings! They represent the era well, and yet I think they'd still be really lovely to wear today. Great use of the button as well.

  8. Your earrings and necklace are lovely. The button with your beadwork around it makes a great focal and the beads on the filigree discs tie them back to the focal very nicely. The mouring earrings are sexy. Not so sure I should say that . . .

    1. Your comment made me laugh :D Victorians would, indeed, cringe at the very thought of calling anything sexy :D But thank you :)

  9. These pieces are absolutely beautiful! I could see both of them being worn during your time period--as well as today. (Heh, I know I would wear them. *grin*) Wonderful work... thank you so much for sharing! :D

  10. I love your creations, I really like the earrings.

  11. Ooh, Gerda, both of your pieces are just a little bit droolsome!

    1. That's an awesome word to use :D Thank you :)

  12. Lovely, Gerda, especially those earrings! I did this era too, so much inspiration!

  13. Those earrings, wow. I love their sophistication...

  14. I thought wow about the earrings and WOW on the necklace! Beautiful pieces!