Sunday 16 June 2013

Summer Elements Blog Hop

Today is the reveal day for the Summer Elements Blog Hop hosted by Rita from Toltec Jewels at Jewel School Friends. Here is her post for the reveal - she's made a mouthwatering blueberry necklace. I'd wear the heck out of that :D

The idea of the hop is to share an element of summer, perhaps create something inspired by it. 

To me, summer is nature. To me, summer is flowers and their scent. To me, summer is the Song and Dance Festival that takes place every couple of years and the first of which was held in 1869. And I decided to try and share all of this with you. 

The national flower, and certainly one of my favourites, is the cornflower: 

Image not mine - I didn't see any wild cornflowers blooming yesterday, when I set out to find them.
The garden variety.

And some pictures of a field of rye. Rye is the type of crop most often associate with the cornflower, the name of the flower translated directly from Estonian would be rye flower.


For the reveal I created a pendant, using motifs from Estonian national embroidery. I embroidered a cornflower, some daisies and two crop heads. The background is white linen and the pendant is framed with black matte seed beads. Blue, black and white are Estonian national colours.

And finally, a taste of the Song Festival I mentioned. 


Sorry about the poor quality of video, but this is one of my favourite songs that has been performed at the festival. This was recorded in 2004, so it was before I got a chance to be one of the singers. I have participated twice, in 2007 and 2009, and both times were amazing. I would translate the title as Beatuful Land and the first lines as Summer is beautiful and so is the evening... So it kind of fits the hop :) 
Oh yes, and while I'm on the topic, here's a link to a very powerful performance from 2011. *Hint, hint*

The Summer Elements Blog Hop Participants: 

Toltec Jewels (Hostess)
Marlene Cupo         
Cheri Reed              
Ailsa Cordner          
Robin Reed             
Nan Smith               
Sherri Stokey           
Christie (Charis Designs)
Carolyn Lawson       
Susie Harris              
Andrea Glick-Zenith 
Nelly May                
Melissa Trudinger     
Dini Bruinsma           
Kathy Lindemer       
Cory Tompkins        
Robin Reed             
Gina Hockett           
Karen Martinez       
Jasvanti Patel           
Solange Collin          
Karla Morgan          
Anindita Basu           
Alicia Marinache      
Andrea Trank          
Dyanne Everett-Cantrell
Mischelle Fanucchi   
Tanty Sri Hartanti     
Shaiha Williams        
Mary Govaars          
Becca Sirevaag        
Lennis Carrier          
Regina Wood           
Sue Kennedy           
Kathleen Breeding   


  1. Now I totally want to go! That's amazing and I shared that second video with all my friends. I love your necklace; it's sweet and I wish I had your skills.

  2. Such beautiful music and wonderful bead work. Cornflowers are one of my favorite flowers and you really did them justice with your necklace. Thank you so much for the music introduction.

  3. Thank you for sharing the video.. I love hearing music from all over.. I truly believe it is what connects us most of the time. And your embroidery skills are AWESOME. Have a wonderful summer :)

  4. Thank Gerda for sharing! Blue is one of my favorite colors, especially a deep blue like the cornflower. Creation is so beautiful, isn't it - the flowers, the landscape, the music?! I love the necklace you made. The blend of mediums is great & your embroidery is outstanding!

  5. Your pendant is beautiful! Happy summer!

  6. I really like the bead embroidery. Excellent!!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your summer with us. I just loved the necklace.

  8. Cornflowers are magical. They are one of my favorite flowers to recreate in polymer clay. Thanks for this delightful post.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Love your embroidered pendant!

  10. What a great post - I love your pendant!

  11. Beautiful pendant and great photos. Enjoy your summer!

  12. Wonderful post!!! i love your embroidery, and the colors too! The videos were amazing!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I love music almost as much as beads!!! Have a Blessed Day!!!

  13. ...I never knew that the cornflower is your national flower, it's nice I do know it now! It's one of my fav summer flowers! You made a beautiful pendant - necklace. Thanks for sharing the video's ;-)and telling me about the national colours!

  14. Gerda, you have created such a wonderful, beautiful post! I shared the videos with my family, and we looked up Estonia on the map, and studied your country together. We all enjoyed the Song Festival. Is that you singing?? An enchanting performance indeed. I loved the music, the singers, the audience. Thank you for sharing your Estonian celebration, the Song Festival, with our Summer Celebration!

    I didn't realize you say right on your blog you live in Estonia, and I looked up the blue, black and white National flag I saw in the video. I'm glad I did, because you point out your flag's colors in your jewelry. You have created not only a very stunning embroidery motif, but a very special country motif also. Brilliant!

    Your necklace is gorgeous. I love, love love cornflowers! The sapphire blue is so pretty, and you have made cornflowers and daisies bloom in your art! It's all lovely -- your seed bead work, the crystal chain, your embroidered pendant. Very nice :)

    I enjoyed learning about your home and your elegant jewelry! Happy summer :)


    P.S. I discovered your Facebook page -- you have so much lovely jewelry there too, Gerda!

    1. Thanks for such a thoughtful comment :) To answer your question, that's not me singing, I was only a part of the choir in 2007 and 2009 and I will never forget the experience.

  15. Love love love your embroidered flowers! They are just AMAZING! :)


  16. wow...your photos are so great..! and I love your embroidery pendant...
    thanks for sharing :)

  17. Beautiful pendant! I loved the singing too :-)

  18. Wow those festivals look amazing. I have some cornflowers in my yard. I had no idea what they were, someone told me they were a weed but I liked the flowers so much I left them alone. Now I know they are related to the national flower of Estonia and that makes them all the more special! Your embroidered pendent is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

  19. Kas sa said tikkimise idee minult?

    1. Kas just idee, aga ma arendasin töövõtted sinu kõrvarõngastega katsetades välja :D Ehk siis selle osa, kuidas tikandist saab kantav ehe.

  20. Wow, what an amazing piece of choral music... and I love the shots of the audience members singing along or just enjoying the beautiful moment. Obviously a deeply meaningful experience for all those present. And those wonderful regional costumes throughout the chorus! I also admire your lovely embroidered pendant, Gerda... a gorgeous memento to wear when the warmth of summer has passed, so you will be reminded of the lovely flowers!